About yourmountain.life

At yourmountain.life we aim to make you enjoy mountain life as much as we do.

We want you to experience the breathtaking scenery, local cuisine, the active lifestyle and the healthy and clean environment of the French Alps. There is so much to feel, see and especially do, all year round. From skiing, hiking, biking, building fires, chopping wood and more….

I am Martijn

and I have been in the hospitality business forever. As a former chef, I set up cooking schools, restaurants and catering businesses in the Netherlands and beyond. Blending this experience with my second great love: The mountains (Maartje being the first of course), I ended up running a hotel in Switzerland for three years in the holiday weeks.

In 2019 I seized the chance to spend more time in the mountains and bought an existing catered chalet company here in Les Arcs. After some convincing, my wife Maartje joined me in this step and in the end we decided to move our life here permanently. We now live our dream life here and welcome guests all year round.

I love almost every mountain activity, summer and winter. If I would have to choose then snowboarding, climbing and hiking are the highlights for me. And through my background I am of course an absolute food and wine lover. The chalet menu and wine selection is my territory, as is training the staff how to cook to our standards.

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and I am Maartje

I married Martijn in 2018. In the past I only loved beaches and exotic faraway travels, the further, the more exciting, the better. In 2017 I met Martijn who introduced me to the mountains. I fell in love with mountain life, the activities, the surroundings and the fresh, clean air.

After 26 years behind a desk I was ready for a big change. No more working for bosses! We have now set up and are working in our own company: yourmountain.life We sold our house in the Netherlands, packed-up and moved to France, calling Courbaton – Les Arcs * Paradiski our home.

My background as an office manager and a few years as a primary school teacher has been of great help in being the organiser behind the scenes. I find joy in making sure our guests have a hassle free, well planned vacation, from the moment they send their first inquiry email to the moment they say goodbye.

Meet our team

I am Chris

It is true when I say the mountains have been a magnet to me.

In my early years I lived a short while in Chamonix  where I was climbing mountains in summer and winter. A few years later I began photographing them. And now, after a life long travelling from warzone to famine as a professional photographer, I’m back in the mountains again. I can’t wait to meet you and share my passion for this beautiful environment.

I run Chalet Algonquin in Moulin and Chalet Les Mélèzes Sud in le Villaret, in the Peisey&Vallandry ski resort.

I am Jan Willem

And I have been working in the hospitality business more then 20 years in bars, hotels and restaurants.
After 17 years in Amsterdam, I sold my house and started travelling with my love Ellen. We are now 7 years happy together.

The last two winter seasons Ellen and I managed a chalet in the Austrian Alps. I always dreamed to live in the mountains and manage my own chalet.
And now is the time!

I will be super happy to welcome you in our chalets Le Chazalet or Le Rôkh to give you a lovely, well earned holiday.

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and I am Ellen

after completing my studies in Tourism and Human Resource Management, I did office work for many years.

But sitting at the desk was just not for me and that’s why I’ve decided to do other things in life.

For a period of three years Jan Willem and I did seasonal work in Austria and between the winter seasons we traveled in Asia, New Zealand and Australia.
When we returned, we settled in the Netherlands again, but we missed the mountains so much that we decided to come back for good. This time to Peisey&Vallandry in France, where
we are looking forward to welcoming you in our properties.

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I am Lelani

originally from South Africa, ocean loving mom of three.

After many years scuba diving in Thailand, I followed my partner to the French Alps. Since 7 years we’ve been living in Les Granges with our 3 children and the magic of the mountains surprises me every day.

I manage chalet Chez Fifine in Les Granges / Arc1600

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I am Georgia

or call me G ?

Growing up in The Yarra Valley region of Melbourne (Aus.), surrounded by mountains and small villages, my dad always encouraged me to travel as much as possible to find MY home.
In my 20’s I based myself in beautiful Edinburgh for 13 years whilst I travelled many places around the world and built a career in financial based and office management roles, whilst teaching fitness classes in the evenings. But something was missing, and I wanted to live in a different environment.

So in 2017 I decided to finally do a ski season and everything has fallen into place since. I now live where I want to holiday, snowboarding all winter long, and summers filled with mountain biking, teaching fitness, camping, BBQ’s and much more. I am the Operations Manager for the self catered chalets and apartments in Courbaton/Arc1600.

Life is awesome.

I am Daan

I used to be a physical education teacher. Two years ago Merel and I left our jobs in the Netherlands to start traveling.

We ended up in Les Arcs working for yourmountain.life. We found the perfect combination of being in a sporty and beautiful environment and still keep our freedom to travel and work somewhere else during the summer months. I have worked in the kitchen for years and love cooking delicious meals for my guests. Besides cooking, I really enjoy snowboarding, skateboarding and kitesurfing. The more adrenaline the better.

This year we start a new chapter by managing our own chalet ‘La Grange d’Alice’ and we would love to host you in this beautiful chalet.
meet our team

I am Merel

After finishing my studies in Sport management I started traveling together with my boyfriend Daan in our self-built campervan.

In the past two years we traveled with our van through Europe and we did a lot of seasonal work. We worked two winter seasons as a chalet hosts in one of the yourmountain.life chalets and we organise kitesurf group travels in and out of Europe. I love to give my guests an unforgettable time during their holiday.

I always had a huge passion for winter sports, so living and working in the mountains is a dream come true.

From 2023 we started managing chalet La Grange d’Alice and we can’t wait to welcome you in our chalet.
Meet our team

Will you be one of our new hosts or chefs?

Who are we looking for season 23/24?

TEAMS (only):
chef and host
Do you love mountains, winter sports and cooking? We are looking for chalet couples/teams (EU passport or CdS holder) for our catered chalets Le Chazalet and Le Rôkh in Peisey&Vallandry.

You don’t need to be a fully qualified chef, but you have enough confidence and experience to cook for groups of up to 22. Preferably you apply together with a friend or partner who will fulfil the role of chalet host. Duties include but are not limited to: cleaning, hosting, weekly shopping, snow shovelling. Send motivation and CV to ellen@yourmountain.life (accommodation, ski pass, transportation and more included).

Due to the current visa situation with the UK, we, unfortunately, cannot take UK passport holders into consideration who do not currently hold a valid French working visa or Carte de Séjour (CdS).


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