Yoga In Nature

Summer Transition Day Retreat

June 27th, 2021
Les Granges, Bourg Saint Maurice

Restore and rebalance during our Summer Transition day retreat in our chalet La Grange d’Alice, Les Granges, French Alps.

With the arrival of June, we transition firmly into summer territory. Yin yoga is the perfect complementary practice to a busy summer calendar, helping to really restore and balance our energy by encouraging us to turn inwards and towards stillness to counteract the late nights, long days, and lust for life that summer carries with it.

We will be tuning into the Fire element whilst working with the Heart and Small Intestine organs and meridian pathways in order to improve energy (chi) stagnation and flow. According to traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) theory, working with the heart and small intestine meridian pathways in advance and at the beginning of the summer season is the most optimal time to start to protect these channels as they are likely to weaken over the summer season.


More about Natalie and James, their training and credentials, can be found their website.
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09.30 hrs. – Welcome Juice
10.00 hrs. – Summer Transition Yin Yoga session accompanied by Singing Bowl Therapy and Reiki Drumming outside on the deck (+/- 120 mins.)

12.30 hrs. – Lunch is served

14:00 hrs. – Take a walk into the forest, chat, read, or just do nothing!
15:00 hrs. – 90-minute relaxing and balancing gong bath outside on the deck

16:30 hrs. – Reflect, ground, have a tea with fresh cake and chat with your new friends or enjoy your pre-booked massage

Yin Yoga and Gong Bath:

Yin Yoga is a slow and soft style of yoga which allows you to stress, hydrate and nourish the deeper connective tissues such as ligaments, bones and joints which are harder to target in more dynamic (yang) styles of yoga. There will be a specific focus the meridian pathway and organ health to harmonise your energetic system and to bring balance physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. The practice will be accompanied by our Nepalese singing bowls and Reiki Drumming so that the sound and vibrations will enter your body at a cellular level to calm your body and mind and promote healing.

Gong Bath : You will be bathed in numerous overtones, sound waves and frequencies which can have a very soothing or energising effect depending what your mind and body needs at that time. Research is proving that sound therapy like this can be really effective for preventing illness and minimising the development of disease at a cellular and energetic level. This session also has the potential to reduce activity in your left-hand side brain (your thinking side!) to allow thoughts to reduce and for your creative right-hand side brain to ignite without distractions from a busy mind – this can be very effective for gaining clarity, focus and generating a positive flow of energy.


There is a possibility to add a massage to your day.
After the last session in the afternoon (around 16.30 hrs.) there is a possibility to
schedule a 30 minute massage with Kieran from Altitude Massage.

The price is €35 for 30 minutes and €50 for 45 minutes.
You can add a massage in the booking form below.

Cost day:

This full day retreat, lunch and complimentary tea/coffee/fruit costs € 55.
We have 8 places available.


As we have our day outside on the deck, please extra clothing layers, an extra blanket, socks and your own mat (if you wish). We have mats, bolsters, cushions, blocks etc.

To book:

    How to get there:

    From the N90 drive to Bourg Saint Maurice. Entering BSM and passing the first roundabout you have a Lidl on your right hand side. At these traffic lights turn right on the D84C towards Les Arcs.
    At the roundabout  keep following signs Les Arcs. You will have a lake on your left hand side until you reach another roundabout. Here you turn right up towards the D119, Route des Arcs. After about 8 minutes, on your left,  you reach the intermediate station of the funicular “Les Granges”. Park your car here and follow the small country lane straight ahead. It is the first chalet on your right hand side. The entrance is on the right up the path towards the terrace.
    For google maps click here.