Yoga – Pilates  – Hiking week
in the French Alps

18 – 25 June 2022 (TBD)
with Britt Monnier – Yoga Pilates Lines
(classes are in English)

A week in our beautiful mountains filled with yoga, pilates, hikes, feel good food and time to relax in Parc National de Vanoise in the French Alps.

18 – 25 June 2022

A ‘yoga-pilates-hiking’ week in the French Alps

The 7 days consist of yoga and pilates classes, of which some we do IN nature by hiking to a mountain top or finding a secluded place in the forest. None of the activities are mandatory. We’d like you to feel as free as possible. A week in the French Alps, a fantastic place. Enjoy your free time with a book, star gazing or a forest walk in silence.

Your booking is from 18 until 25 June 2022 with classes scheduled very day bar the departure day. This is an active week, where we will alternate active hiking days with quiet, relaxing days. Our classes will take place in or around the chalet apartment and in nature. On some days we will hike up a mountain to have our class at 2388m altitude with an amazing view! You carry a backpack with your mat, a blanket and the clothing layers you need and it’ll be so, so satisfying….

  • yoga and pilates classes each day
  • single room
  • feel good food
  • 7 days / 6 nights
  • hikes
  • sauna & hot tub
  • a complimentary massage
  • sound & gong bath
  • free time to relax, reflect and recharge

Daily schedule guideline – the exact day-to-day programme* will be presented on the arrival day

there is coffee/tea and some juice or a smoothie to wake up
yoga or pilates in nature
light breakfast buffet
free time or activity

free time or activity
yoga or pilates in nature

l’apèro – the French sun-downer
free time / bed time

During the week we will be exploring Hatha yoga, Pilates, meditation and breath-work.  Our instructor for the week is Britt Monnier, yoga & pilates teacher and ski instructor. Read all about her on her website.

On the 18th we start at 4pm, so we would like for the whole group to be complete by then. We’ll have a tea/introduction round, a bit of yoga and then drinks&dinner. 


A ‘Sound & Gong bath’ by guest-trainers Natalie en James Bradshaw will replace one yoga session. Natalie starts with a guided ‘nidra-style’ meditation to relax the body and prepare the mind for the ‘sound bath’. You will be bathed in numerous overtones, sound waves and frequencies which can have a very soothing or energising effect depending what your mind and body needs at that time. Research is proving that sound therapy like this can be really effective for preventing illness and minimising the development of disease at a cellular and energetic level. This session also has the potential to reduce activity in your left-hand side brain (your thinking side!) to allow thoughts to reduce and for your creative right-hand side brain to ignite without distractions from a busy mind – this can be very effective for gaining clarity, focus and generating a positive flow of energy.


More about Natalie and James, their training and credentials, can be found their website.
Photo credit : @the_wardette_studio_commercial


We offer you a complimentary 30-minute massage. All massages are scheduled on one day, before and after lunch. Rachael and Kieran will massage 2 people per time block.
Should you wish to book an additional massage, please contact them directly.
All extra massages are to be paid in cash — €35 (30min), €50 (45 min), €65 (60min), €90 (90min).

Kieran is an independent massage therapist with his mobile massage company Altitude Massage.
Rachael is also an independent massage therapist with her company Massage Revolution.


Feel Good Food:

We only work with fresh, local products and produce. Martijn’s specialty. Meat comes from the organic, local butcher who only works with his own animals. We believe meat and fish fit in a healthy, balanced diet, especially if the product is of organic origin. All meals are light, well balanced and easily digestible. 

We will try to accommodate vegetarian, lactose-free, and gluten-sensitive diets. We cannot guarantee a completely gluten-free diet and we cannot provide a kitchen guaranteed to be free of cross-contamination. If you are vegan, we ask that you bring some plant-based protein sources such as nut butter, instant dried hummus, or high-protein energy bars; and if you are gluten-sensitive, please bring some gluten-free snacks. If you have severe allergies, Celiac disease and/or other significant dietary restrictions, please contact us before you register.

During diner wine and beer are included and coffee/tea and fruit are complimentary during your stay. 


Self drive:
You self drive. This is the location of both La Petite Grive and Petit Saint Bernard in Courbaton, Arc1600, Bourg Saint Maurice. 

Fly to LYON, France:
We can arrange an airport transfer for you at the cost of €100 return. Note that arrival and departing flights may have different times for different participants and a waiting time is expected. A good alternative is renting a car This also gives you the freedom once you are in Courbaton. 

TGV or Thalys:
*) we will pick you up from train station Bourg Saint Maurice
*) an alternative is to fly to Paris or Lyon book a connecting train to Bourg Saint Maurice.

All train information can be found on this website.

You are welcome to check-in as of 14.00hrs (2pm) on the 18th of June. As we start as a group at 16.00hrs. (4pm) on the 18th and your arrival (train) times may not correspond, we recommend BaseCamp Lodge in Bourg Saint Maurice for a one night stay. We will pick you up on the 18th of June around 14.00hrs.


*  2-pers. room – single use – bathroom with shower or bath, sink and toilet in La Petite Grive or Petit Saint Bernard (3 rooms available) ==> €1.050
*  2-pers. room – single use – bathroom with shower or bath and sink – shared toilet in the hallway Petit Saint Bernard (4 rooms available) ==> € 945

The chalet apartment Petit Saint Bernard (5 bedrooms, large living/dining room, big log fire) and apartment La Petite Grive (2 bedrooms, living/dining room) are situated in the hamlet Courbaton, just below Arc1600 (Les Arcs, France). 

We will use the common space of Petit Saint Bernard to have our meals and sit around the fire. The guests who book a room in La Petite Grive will cross the road to join the others for drinks and meals. There are a hot tub and a sauna to use at your leisure.

Included in the price:
* 7 days/6 nights accommodation;
* all meals and drinks;
* coffee/tea – fruitbowl;
* all yoga & pilates classes;
* all hikes;
* materials such as bolsters, straps and mats;
* 1x 30 min. massage;
* train station transport.

Not included in the price:
travel costs, airport transport (which we can arrange for you), car rental, travel insurance, cancellation insurance, extra excursions or lunches which you undertake in your own free time.

Cancellation policy:
* to confirm your booking we ask a 30% deposit to be paid within a week of receiving the invoice;
* the deposit is not refundable if you cancel the booking yourself *);
* the remainder 70% is to be paid on September 1st (3 weeks before the retreat).

* proper hiking boots, rain and mountain clothing
* water bottle and hot drinks thermos
* your own mat and/or materials should you wish so
* warm clothing (layers) and house slippers or cozy socks
* a backpack which can hold a yoga mat as you carry your own mat up the mountain
* extra cozy blanket

It is recommended you are fit, exercise regularly and are able to hike up a mountain for about 45 to 60 mins. Hikes will have a maximum elevation difference of between 100m to 400m. If you are not familiar with either Hatha Yoga or Pilates, it’s recommended you take some beginners classes before signing up. Britt can adapt her classes to all levels. By participating in this week you declare to be healthy and in good condition.

 Questions? Call Maartje at +31 647 146 515

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